Our Services & Skills

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Technical audits

furnaces & production lines, batch plant, etc.
Pre-visit priour to a hot or cold furnace repair, periodic inspection of the state of the furnace during the campaign, preparation for a modification of the furnace design, or an increase in the production capacity, implantation of electrodes, implantation of a new production line, etc.

Training: Glass defects

On-site training on glass defects, detection, determination of the type of defect and investigation of possible causes.

Proposal of the possibilities of elimination of defects.

Engineering et design

In total collaboration with the customer, we make all possible and feasible design changes:
enlargement of the melting surface,

- Modification of the distributor, implementation of a new feeder, etc.
- Modification of the superstructure
Etc ...

Project Management

We take the project from its validation by the customer until its realization and the production start up.
We guide and advise the customer in his technical and commercial choices.

We select suppliers, negotiate contracts, and receive orders from suppliers for control & checking priour to validation.

Calculation & Development

We help you calculate YOUR glass composition, or develop YOUR composition.

- Color change,
- Change of raw materials,
- Adaptation of YOUR composition at the request of the market, and / or YOUR customers,

R&D laboratory & Pôle of Excellence

You need to maintain control over your glass analyzes, we help you equip your laboratory.

You want to share your knowledge in the glass, and participate in the development of knowledge of newly graduated young engineers, we help you build your Pôle of Excellence or Post Graduated University.